Notarizing Authentication of Signatures ("Aimoot Chatima")

Notarizing Authentication of Signatures (“Aimoot Chatima”)

notarizing authentication of signatures

What documents require notarizing authentication of signatures in Israel?

There are certain documents which signing requires authentication of an Israeli lawyer. In Hebrew, this is referred to as an “Aimoot Chatima”.

For example, consider the case of an individual who requires a mortgage for the purchase of a property in Israel. One of the documents the mortgage bank requires is an irrevocable power of attorney in favour of a mortgage bank. This is a document that allows the bank to register the subject property in the mortgagor’s name (as well as register the mortgage itself, in the event of a failure by the mortgagor to do it).   In this way, the bank secures its ability to be paid under the mortgage.

Another instance in which a document’s signature will require authentication is in connection with a purchase of a new property. In this case, the individual purchasing the property signs a Power of Attorney in favour of the building contractor to do what is necessary for the purposes of registering documents with the Israel Land Registry in connection with the purchase

What is the role of the notary when authenticating signatures?

Well, at it implies, the notary serves the function of authenticating the signatures to confirm that the signatory is actually the person signing. Without this, there is nothing that stops one from forging these documents. In light of the significance of these documents in that it grants powers to the holder of the documents to take certain legal actions, it is important that there be a mechanism in place to authenticate signatures. Hence the need for the notary’s notarization.

What is required for the notary to verify the signatory’s signature?

In order for a notary to authenticate the signatures, the signatory must be present with the notary at the time he signs the documents. He must also provide the notary with a valid form of identification such as a National identity Card for Israelis (known in Hebrew as a “Teduat Zehut”) or a passport for non-Israelis.

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