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Notarized Power of Attorney

Notarized Power of Attorney

What is a Notarized Power of Attorney?

A Notarized Power of Attorney  is a document, authorizing one to represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter signed in front of a Notary.  It is used often in Israeli society.

What can be done with a  Notarized Power of Attorney?

A Notarized Power of Attorney can be used for all sorts of purposes. For instance, say John Smith wants to get information about his bank account and needs the assistance of Sam Jones. John has granted agency to Sam to act on his behalf in a Power of Attorney which he signed in front of a Notary. Now, Sam can go to the bank for John and get all the necessary information as if John himself as at the bank.  Of course, Sam will have to present the Power of Attorney to the bank clerk.

Why get a Notarized Power of Attorney?

A Notarized Power of Attorney can be used in many circumstances. For example, consider the aging parent who can no longer attend the various government offices or banks necessary for the normal conducting of his affairs.  With a Power of Attorney to his son or daughter, his child can handle the process for him. Or, consider the case where one’s child is travelling to the United States. It would be impossible for him to manage his affairs in Israel while he is abroad.  So, he gives a  Power of Attorney to his parents so that they can handle matters for him while he is away.  (Note, another common use of a Notarized Power of Attorney is for use in obtaining mortgages from the bank or when purchasing property from a real estate developer.  This will be the subject of a separate article.)

How Does One Obtain a Notarized Power of Attorney?

It’s really quite easy. Simply call a licensed Notary to schedule an appointment.  Mister Notary is an example of such a notarial service. Bring the Power of Attorney, your i.d. and payment to the Notary, and he will then witness you signing the Power of Attorney.  Afterwards, he will bind it together with his official stamp and seal to make it a Notarize Power of Attorney.  If you do not have the Power of Attorney Form, you can ask your Notary to prepare it, though he will ask for an additional fee for his time in preparing the form.

Does a Power of Attorney always have to be notarized?

No.  If you are giving a Power of Attorney over to your own lawyer, you need not have it notarized.  Your lawyer can stamp the Power of Attorney, and he can then use it to manage your affairs. However, in any other instance, you would have to have a notarized Power of Attorney in order for it to be effective.

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