All notary fees are dictated by the Ministry of Justice in Israel. So, this gives you the comfort of knowing that you cannot be overcharged.

If all fees are the same, then why use Mister Notary? The simple answer is that we provide quick, reliable and dedicated notarial services. And, we are devoted exclusively to notarizing and translating documents.

Whereas many notaries offer the service begrudgingly because they can’t refuse their clients a notarization, we are happy to notarize documents. In fact, this is our “bread and butter”!


Notarized Translations

Notarized Translations are also subject to the fee schedule dictated by the Ministry of Justice in Israel.

That said, it should be clear that the cost of translation itself is a separate and apart fee from the notarization of the translation. See below for our fee on translations generally.

Translations generally

Our translations of document fee will depend on the length of the document, complexity and required time frame.
Please contact us for a quote.


Sometimes, all our customers require is the stamping of a document by a lawyer.   For this we charge 100 NIS for one document. Any additional document done at the same time is 50 NIS.  These fees are subject to location, availability and time frame, so please contact us with your needs.