Mister Notary is happy to help with all your notarization needs. Below are some examples of the types of situations where we can help provide a notarized document:



Notarizing authentication of signatures (“Aimoot Chatima”)

Mister Notary will provide you with authorized notarizations of signatures (“Aimoot Chatima”). This may be for your irrevocable power of attorney in favour of a mortgage bank, an irrevocable power of attorney in favour of a building contractor, or other powers of attorney for general or specific purposes.

Notarizing certification of a true copy of document

Mister Notary will provide you with authorized notarizations of true copies of documents. This may be required, for instance, in the case of a parents who wishes to certify a copy of his passport when applying for a passport of his child.

Notarized Translations and Non-notarized Translations

Mister Notary will provide you with notarized translations for your document or even regular translations . This applies for both English into Hebrew documents as well as Hebrew into English. We also provide notarized translations for other languages such as French, German, Russian, and many more.

Notarized Will

Mister Notary will provide you with a notarized will. Notarizing a will is helpful is ensuring that the testator’s capacity was met at the time of entering into the will and testament.

Notarized Life Certificates

Mister Notary will provide you with a notarized life certificate. A notarized life certificate helps prove that an individual is alive. An example of when this may be required is when one is receiving payments from National Insurance (“Bituach Leumi”), and due to advanced age or otherwise, National Insurance requires verification tht the recipient is alive.

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What does a Notarized Translation Cost?

In Israel, there are two components to a notarized translation: 1) the Translation and 2) The Notarization of the Translation.  At Mister Notary, the translation component is absolutely free with our notarization service.  The Notarization cost is fixed by the Ministry of Justice and goes by the word count.  You can see the fee schedule here, and see section 3.  Note, it’s in Hebrew but it should give you a basic idea by looking at the numbers. As of 2019 when writing this article, the first 100 words in the translated language costs 209 NIS + VAT (Value Added Tax – 17%) and any additional group of 100 words or portion thereof costs 166 NIS + VAT.  (After 1,000 words, the per group of words cost drops to 80 NIS + VAT. To illustrate, saw you require a notarized translation of a 150 word document, the fee would be 375 NIS + VAT (209+166+VAT).

It is important to note that this is per the translated language. For example, say you are translating from English to Hebrew, it would go by the Hebrew word count. This saves you money because typically, Hebrew word counts are lower than English.

What documents require notarized translations in Israel?

There is no “hard and fast” rule as to what documents will be required to be translated and certified by way of notarized translation in Israel.

For example, a governing Israeli body or municipality may ask you to provide a notarized translation of your academic transcripts, if you studied outside Israel. The same goes for other documents such as marriage certificates, name change certificates, university transcripts, business contracts, identification documents, etc.

What is the role of the notary when providing notarized translations?

Quite simply, the role of the notary in providing notarized translations is to certify that the document has been accurately translated. Because of this, it is important to work with a Notary who is also fluent in English so that he can verify that indeed the translation is accurate. Remember, when it comes to translating documents, nuances in the language can make a big difference.

But what if the language of the translation is for something other than Hebrew/English? Not to worry, there is a mechanism whereby a Notary can provide a notary certificate for the translator’s statement. Meaning, the notary can have the translator of that specific language attest before the notary that his translation is a true and accurate translation.

At Mister Notary we only work with reliable and trustworthy translators and can provide translations in many languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Russian, German, Chinese and more.

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At Mister Notary we understand that you will not always need a notarization. In fact, often times, the governing body or company you are dealing with with only ask you to bring back a document stamped by a lawyer.

Because our notary, Yoel Farkas, is a lawyer licensed by the state of Israel and a member of the Israel Bar Association, we are happy to provide a stamping service for your stamping needs.

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